Walking Between the Worlds

The exhibition, Walking Between the Worlds, shows the body of work I produced during my sabbatical year, January to December 2010. The work consists of four interlocked series: Ancestral Voices, four works in mixed mediums on paper; The Secret Fire, six works in pastel on paper; The Return of the Goddess, three works in pastel, ink and gesso on paper; and Ascension Manuals, five large scale drawings in pastel, ink and gesso on board. All of these were developed roughly in that chronological order. Three separate works: Rewind|Fast Forward in oil paint on board, Redemption Story: Tikoloshe communes with Yaweh pastel and ink on paper and He Alone Who Sees Who Sees All beings As Himself (Isha Upanishad) are individual pieces representing a breathing space outside the project.

Walking Between Worlds

 Walking Between the Worlds

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University,

School of Music, Art & Design

proudly presents


An art exhibition by Professor Cleone Cull

Venue: The Athenaeum

Cnr Military Road & Belmont Terrace


Open on week days from 9am to 4pm

26 September 2011 – 6 October 2011