Articles on the artist, Cleone Cull’s, work

Walking between the Worlds by Cleone Cull

Walking between the Worlds is a short article by Cleone Cull that offers a brief guided tour of her approach to creating the four interlocking series of drawings that comprise the exhibition Walking between the Worlds. The focus of the text lies primarily on the development of the last two series of drawings; Return of the Goddess and Ascension Manuals.

Interconnectedness and Process in Cleone Cull’s Visual Art by Prof Bert Olivier

Bert Olivier is professor of philosophy at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He holds an MA and DPhil in philosophy, has held postdoctoral fellowships in philosophy at Yale University in the United States on more than one occasion, and has held a research fellowship at the University of Wales, Cardiff.

He has taught various sub-disciplines of philosophy, as well as film studies, media and architectural theory, and psychoanalytic theory. He has published widely in the philosophy of culture, art and architecture, cinema, music and literature, as well as the philosophy of science, epistemology, psychoanalytic, social, media and discourse theory, in the Faculty of Arts at Nelson Mandela University.

Goddess Series and Spaces of Transmutation by Basil du Toit

Basil du Toit was born in Cape Town in 1951 and studied Philosophy at Rhodes University and the University of Edinburgh. Poetry has been his main interest in life since his schooldays. His publications include Home Truths (Carrefour Press) and Older Women (Snailpress). He now lives in Edinburgh and has started his own hand-operated printing press.